Freeze Drying

          We have dedicated agriculturists and food technologist team closely associated with our growers for their continuous education, support during each stage of farming and their welfare. We believe in sawing and nurturing roots for best output. Our team ensures the crop is harvested on right time and condition for its optimum output. Harvested raw material is prepared for processing as per good manufacturing practices. While handling and processing we assure that raw material is not exposed to any type of contamination, foreign matter or any other things at any stage.

        Freeze drying, technically known as Lyophilisation, is a premium most technology used for dehydration where the original texture, aroma, flavor and nutritional values of the products are retained as it is. It is typically used to preserve a perishable material or make the material more convenient for transport. 

In brief words, freeze drying is a 3-step process that starts with freezing the food, then placing it in a vacuum chamber with low heat. This causes an interesting thing to happen: the water leaves the food in the form of ice and vaporizes instead of going liquid. Which is also known as the sublimation process. During the entire process, no artificial colors flavor or preservatives are added.Post Freeze Drying, process like Sieving, Gravity separation, Sorting and Metal detection are carried out to ensure that the final product is free from any contamination and fully meets customer requirement. Our well-equipped in-house laboratory tests production batches at each stage. Our strict quality control helps us in achieving unmatchable and accurate results.

Base on the principle of freeze drying and the conversion requirement of water phases, freeze dry systems are built capable of change water temperature and its surrounding pressure. Create sublimation conditions, to enable water removes from raw product.

In a freeze drying equipment,

Drying chamber is the place where raw product are placed, chilled and dried.
Ice condenser is use to collect the sublimated vapors.
Vacuum pumps are use to vacuumize and maitain the drying chamber pressure.
Compressors are used to supply constant cooling energy to the condenser, guaranteeing it can continually condense vapors.
The control system ensures the automatic freeze drying process.
Freeze Dryer Machine Flow Chart

Advantages of Freeze-Drying:

Freeze Dried Fruits