Air Drying

We have dedicated agriculturists and food technologist team closely associated with our growers for their continuous education, support during each stage of farming and their welfare. We believe in sawing and nurturing roots for best output. Our team ensures the crop is harvested on right time and condition for its optimum output. Harvested raw material is prepared for processing as per good manufacturing practices. While handling and processing we assure that raw material is not exposed to any type of contamination, foreign matter or any other things at any stage.

         This technique is in use since ages. Very famous and convenient method to process food ingredients. Hot air is passed through material to reduce moisture level. Dehydration of any vegetables, fruits and other food ingredient makes their shelf life longer, easy preservation and convenient to use.

Traditionally air drying/ dehydration is being done with use of various machines involving multiple stages and manual shifting. With upgraded technologies, SFPL owns completely automated dehydration line. Our entire line has been made in SS 304 with 2 MT/hr production capacities to minimize human contact with material and to achieve best output with great quality parameters. We are committed to supply high grade ingredients consistently. Air dried products are durable in nature which resists crumbling apart even when cooked.

Advantages of Air-Drying:

Air Dried Fruits